Eliminates 85 % of bad breath

Halinator® does not only eliminate bad breath, it reduces the risks of tooth decay and the formation of dental plaque.

Thanks to its unique design, it reduces the layer of bacteria on the tongue better than other solutions.

The Halinator® tongue scraper is to be used every day after brushing your teeth.

It can be sterilised and is unbreakable (if used normally). It comes in 3 sizes (Kid-Small, Medium and Large).

Put an end to bad breath!

According to recent studies on bad breath, the main cause of this unpleasant disorder is due to the growth of anaerobic germs in the mouth cavity. These bacteria are mainly found at the back of the tongue.

Scraping the tongue on a daily basis using an appropriate instrument can reduce mouth odours by 75 %, and even 85 % when accompanied by regular teeth brushing. Furthermore, regularly clearing the tongue this way helps to eliminate anaerobic flora in the mouth cavity, as well as to avoid periodontitis, the formation of tartar and gingivitis.

Halinator® (a product of the oral hygiene industry), made from a material that is entirely biodegradable, boasts an exclusive “triple effect” clearing system, guaranteeing ultra-quick and effective clearing of the tongue.

Halinator® has a double arch on two different levels and 4 scrapers arranged like a “snowplough”, each one preceded by an opening. The residue lifted from the tongue is therefore “captured”. The Halinator® can be easily and hygienically cleared under warm running water. Made from high quality polycarbonate, Halinator® is therefore (almost) unbreakable.

During the first clearing stage, the “snowplough” and the first internal arch scrape and collect the tongue residue. The second arch underneath stretches and massages the papillae. The next clearing stage therefore enables the germs to be effectively and thoroughly eliminated.

How to use

After clearing the teeth, gently scrape the surface of the tongue with Halinator®.
It is advised that you clear with Halinator® twice a day, preferably mornings and evenings. Wash Halinator® under running water, using a brush if necessary.

Halinator® is (almost) unbreakable, dishwasher safe and can even be sterilised in boiling water.

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