How to use the product

Before using for the first time

Before using for the first time, it is essential to custom-make the bite by following the steps in the instructions. It only takes a few minutes and can be repeated several times without altering the bite’s properties.

Istruzioni – Italiano

Reseña de utilización– Español

Οδηγίες – ελληνικά


How it works

When biting into the bite during the fitting and custom-making process, the teeth of the upper jaw are pushed into the thermoplastic material, which softens when immersed in boiling water, while the lower teeth press against the bite liner without leaving any imprint on the bite itself.

The even contact surface formed between the upper and lower jaws reduces strain on the jaw joints and teeth, and protects them from being worn down by grinding.


Directions for use in video format


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