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Doctor Ficnar of the University Clinic of Muenster in Germany carried out a detaled study of the effectiveness of the SOLUBrux dental bite. Below you can read an extract from the translation of a letter sent from the University Clinic of Münster in Germany to the “Jaxeurope” company on the 6.10.2011.





Study on the effectiveness of a semi-tailorable orthodontic dental bite – short summary of the results


Dear Mr Klinckmann,


In the context of a controlled clinical study entitled “A study on the effectiveness of an orthodontic bite that is semi-tailorable” it has been verified whether in the treatment of DCM-related pain there are any differences of effectiveness between a semi-tailored bite system (“Solobrux”) and an orthodontic bite system (“stablising dental bite”) made in a laboratory.


In fact, there are no significant differences between the two therapies in terms of pain reduction (muscular pain or sore joints) and buccal opening.

We can, however, say that with the “Solobrux” bite system there is a more rapid improvement in buccal opening than with orthodontic bite systems created in laboratories.


Best regards.


Dr T. Ficnar                                                             Univ.-Prof. Dr.Dr. L. Figgener

Head of Department                                   Director of the “Polyclinic for Prothetic Medecine”

Zahnmedizin und Biomaterialien

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