The SOLUBrux anti-bruxism bite remains stable in the mouth as it fits perfectly to an individual’s morphology thanks to the uniform thickness of the bite between the upper and lower teeth. SOLUBrux has a free and solid occlusion surface which makes readjustment of the bite easy to do at any time, considerably increasing the level of comfort. SOLUBrux is made from the same material as bites produced in dental laboratories. The SOLUBrux anti-bruxism solution was developed in close cooperation between dentists and university departments. It conforms to strict medical requirements.


SOLUBrux - Blue SOLUBrux - Clear SOLUBrux - Green




  1. SOLUBrux is an innovative and patented anti-bruxism solution
  2. SOLUBrux is easy to use
  3. SOLUBrux is guaranteed for 2 years
  4. SOLUBrux is the only bite wich can be personally adjusted up to 200 times to ensure an optimal fit to your teeth
  5. SOLUBrux bites are exactly the same quality as those of dental laboratories which are made of same material
  6. SOLUBrux is a “made-to-measure” bite that the user can adapt to his teeth

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